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Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra: A Closer Look

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra: A Closer Look Foto: Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester
  • Dato: 05.09.2017 - 05.09.2017

  • Tid: 20:00 - 22:00

  • Sted: Storelogen, Det Akademiske Kvarter

  • Komite: Samklangfunnet

  • Møteleder: Jógvan Helge Gardar

  • Innledere:

    Edward Gardner
    Sjefsdirigent BFO
    Oddmund Økland
    Programsjef BFO

    Bergen Brass Quintet og Manuel Hofstätter (BFO) 
    Messingkvintett og slagverk
    Jutta Morgenstern
    Martin Shultz

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra will give us taste of what to expect from the upcoming season. Preceding a beautiful concert you'll be able to listen to the motivations and considerations behind their music choices. 

Samklangfunnet starts up the new semester by hosting one of the central cultural institutions in Norway, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. BFO is one of the world's oldest orchestras, and is one of our two national orchestras. The evening will begin with a meeting where the decisions behind the the new programme is discussed, followed by a concert with music from the season.  

BFO's chief conductor Edward Gardner and director of artistic programming Oddmund Økland will present the program for the 17/18 season, and discuss their choices. This meeting will shed light on the political and social divides which still affect the cultural landscape, and how it shows in our art institutions.  

After the conversation musicians from Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra will play short concert. Bergen Brass Quintet will perform a suite from West Side Story, while Jutta Morgenstern and Martin Schultz will play a violin duet by Karen Tanaka. 

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