Adam Neely: Rhythm

Adam Neely: Rhythm
  • Dato: 20.03.2018 - 20.03.2018

  • Tid: 20:00 - 22:00

  • Sted: Teglverket, Kvarteret

  • Komite: Samklangfunnet

  • Innledere:

    Adam Neely
    Musican, educator & Youtuber

What is rhythm? How do we register and react to it? Why do we want to dance when listening to music? Together with YouTuber Adam Neely we will explore the profound world of rhythm and music.

Adam Neely is a bassist, composer and music educator with a degree from Berklee College of Music. On March 21st he’s sharing his insights at Kvarteret! Through his Youtube channel, he’s made music theory accessible and comprehensible to millions of people the world over. He’ll do the same in Bergen, only this time it’ll be live on stage.

In this talk, Neely will explore what rhythm is and how it relates to other building blocks of music. Rhythm might be more fundamental to our understanding of sound and harmony than you might think, and we‘ll discover unexpected connections with other fields than music. Starting with the basics, the talk will gradually explore more complicated concepts like polyrhythm, and we might learn why some musicians feel rhythm differently from others.

Whatever your previous level of musical knowledge, this event will make you hungry for more.  

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